About Us

Fire Suppress is an emerging player in the global micro
environmental fire protection and fire suppression industries.

In today’s context, Fire Suppress works in areas where CNC Machines are used throughout modern day manufacturing. We work in areas where Chemicals, Poisons, Paints, Lacquers, Flammable Liquids, Lithium Batteries and other materials hazardous to groundwater are stored in Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets in compliance to current legal and OSHA requirements. We work in laboratory environments with chemicals and chemical compounds.

Computers, Network Servers, and Telecommunications Equipment are all modern days essentials. Society relies heavily on information technology and the ability to store and retrieve data.

Power Generators, Power Transformers and Power Switchgear, and even Wind Turbines provide the necessary electrical energy to drive the CNC Machines, Computers, Network Servers, and other equipment which is part of everyday’s lives.

Libraries, Museums, Hospitals, and Clinics are exposed to fire risk. Fire occurs when there are short circuits, cable fatigue, overloaded circuits, incorrect or careless installations or electrical power surges, making them a threat to the people working or living in the vicinity as well as the protection of critical priceless data or items stored in Libraries, Museums and Hospital / Clinic Records Storage.

Fast food chains, Hotel restaurants, Fine Dining restaurants, Marine Vessel Galleys, Institutional Canteens, Corporate Cafeterias, and Shopping Mall food courts all utilize cooking utensils and equipment such as Ovens, Griddles, Fryers, and Broilers which are potential fire hazards.

Public Transport such as Buses, Mass Rapid Trains, Light Rails, Boats, Aircraft ferry people from place to place within a country or across countries and continents. Interstate and international land transport services, public transport affects many people’s lives and their lifestyles.

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