System Equipments

Actuation Equipments and Accessories

Electrical, Manual, & Pneumatic Units Suitable for multiple System Cylinders Arrangements that give more Flexibility features.

 Electric Solenoid
 Piston Actuator Control
 Local Manual Control
 Pressure Gauge
 Pressure Guard
 Pressure Switch
 Check Valves
 Supervisory Switch
 Flexible Hoses
 Pneumatic Actuator Valve
 Shuttle Valve
 Chec Valve
 Selector Valve
 Manifold Couplings
 Latching Solenoid
 Pressure Gauge Guard

Control and Detection Devices

 Heat Detector Series
 Photo-Electric Smoke Dector Series 65A
 Thermal Detector Series 65A
 Ionization Smoke Dectector Series 65A
 Multi-Purpose Smoke Detector Series 65B
 Multi-Purpose Smoke And Heat Dectector Series 65B
 Multi-Purpose Combination Heat Detector Series 65B
 Mechanical Rate of Rise Heat Detector Series 65B
 Photoelectric Smoke Detector Series 65B
 Photoelectric Smoke Detector
 Ionization Smoke Dectector
 Weatherproof Manual Pull Stations
  ORR-24V Photoelectric Heat Smoke Detector
 Direct Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Trim Ring
 Marine Photoelectric Smoke Detector
 135/190 Fixed Temperature Rate of Rise Heat Detector
 Conventional Detector Bases
 Conventional Duct Detector

Fire Alarm Control Panels

 KACP2 (Analogue) 1-2 Loops Fire Control Panel
 KACP4 (Analogue) 2-4 Loops Fire Control Panel
 KLRP Repeater Panel
 KRCP3 Extinguishant Control Panel
 KCCP Conventional Control Panel
 Releasing Control Panel
 Agent Release Control Panel

Sounder and Beacons

 Bells (PBA-AC & MBA-DC)
 Alarm Bell
 Flashing Beacon/ Sounder Combination
 Manual Call Point (RESETTABLE)
 Electronic Sounder and Beacon Series 65B
 Evacuate Store Light Box
 Gas Discharged Store Light Box
 Mini-Horn & Piezo
 Indoor/Outdoor SELECT-A-HORN
 Wall Mount Weather Proof SELECT-A-STROBE/HORN
 Control Switches
 System Control Unit
 Strobe/ Horn

Manual Initiating Devices

 Control Switches
 Abort Station
 Releasing Circuit Disable Switch
 Main-Reserve Switch
 System Control Unit